Here is what we are

Donyi Polo Marketing Private Limited is just a new entity from the Delta Solution Group.

Core Idea of the company is to thrive the potential of Health and Wealth by creating new array in every dimension of life. The utmost Vision of the company is very keen to accumulate all the like minded energy generating mass through the company Ideology and Unique Mindset.

The Company fulfilling the Three most essential aspect of Human Life.

First by Introducing unparallel Health related products which is the basic need of Human Life to create the best Health against the dangerous threat from environment. Second creating a stronger Mindset to enable every human a path to achieve their desired goal. Third Last but not the least the process where every human can acquire their desired palace of wealth.

effective digestion

Experts confirm drinking water before, during, and after a meal will help your body break down the food you eat more easily. This will help you digest food more effectively and get the most out of your meals.

helps boost energy

Drinking water activates your metabolism and boost in with a positive impact on energy level. A study has found that drinking 500 milliliters of water boosted the metabolic rate by 30 percent in both men and women.

body temperature

Your sweat keeps your body cool, but your body temperature will rise if you don’t replenish the water you lose. That’s because your body loses electrolytes and plasma when it’s dehydrated.


Dehydration can have adverse effects in the body over the long run. When you are feeling thirsty, it’s actually a sign of dehydration, and that’s why having a portable hydrogen water bottle is a smart way to ensure you stay hydrated whether at work, in the gym or wherever you go. Moreover, we are often advised to drink eight glasses of water a day. While drinking plain water can be refreshing, scientific researches find that simple water can be upgraded to provide as much health benefits as possible. One of these discoveries is the hydrogen water.

High Hydrogen Concentration

High Hydrogen Concentration, just add Water. There are no known side effects in ingesting molecular hydrogen. Furthermore, a high concentration of hydrogen is not toxic. You too can enjoy the benefits of hydrogenated water with the DonyiPolo Hydrogen bottle. All you have to do is add water and turn on the power button to start the hydrogen generation process, which lasts for 3 minutes. The bottle is designed with tested technology to produce and retain concentrated hydrogen water to as much as 1,200 parts per billion.

A message from our CEO

On behalf of the DonyiPolo family, I would like to welcome you.

It is DonyiPolo's view that hydration must take its place alongside nutrition as a foundation for overall health, wellness building, and anti-aging medicine. To that end, we are committed and passionate about water, health, our products and how we deliver them to you. We are here to serve you.

Water is life. Inside this basic fact, we believe that water is much more than just good. The next time you look at your favorite river, lake or sea, or when you have your next drink, consider these distinct qualities of water. We think you will agree when you say that we have awakened with the miraculous powers of water!

The water is mysterious

Science does not fully understand some properties of water. Physical laws state that water must become more dense before deposition. Its density decreases. Water has a bipolar nature, making it similar to computer memory. Science is now considering the possibility that water stores an energetic impression or "memory" that it comes into contact with.

The water is patient and timeless

Scientists say that the huge water present on Earth has been present here since our planet was formed.

The water goes with the flow

Many times in the space of nano-seconds the covalent bonds that form, break, and improve, give water its liquid nature. Working in concert with gravity develops the continuous movement that forms the rivers.

Water release facility

Water dissolves everything in itself. As a "universal solvent", it will chemically break down anything over time.

The water is soft at rest, yet hard to work with

Put your hand in it, and the water becomes soft like silk. Yet it can make the force so great, it can engrave the Grand Canyon in a dance between its fluidity, gravity and its dissolving nature.

Water is art

The water changes color, and its appearance by reflecting and tilting the sky and the light around it. This texture can appear as smooth as glass or as excessive turbulence. It is in paint, brushed, canvas, and accounts for 70% of their working hand.

Water changes

Water is the only substance that can transform itself into three physical states - one as solid, liquid and vapor, and back again.

All things are alive by the grace of water. Water is important

Without clean, healthy water, optimal health is not possible. We are about the transformational and healing power of water. Our mission is to awaken the world to the magic of water.

Accepts water

Water is essential for life. Let us all do our part to help keep the water clean and safe for all generations to come

So, let the water change you and start your change with us. It starts with your first sip.

Once again, welcome to DonyiPolo!