Interest in Hydrogen Water

Interest in hydrogen water

There are few miracle of water source in the world

These have attracted worldly attention because they contain elements that are different from ordinary water.

Many TV stations and Media all over the world had previously covered and broadcasted about water called "Miracle Water." These programs investigated whether these miraculous waters contain special minerals or special microorganisms.

As a result, there was several thousands of tests and culture on water but no special ingredients were found and there was no difference from ordinary well water, but there was one thing in common. All of them were high in "active hydrogen".

Professor Shirahata discovered that a large amount of hydrogen was contained in miracle water, and that hydrogen entered our body and acted as antioxidant.

So we started to study the antioxidants in the water (the active hydrogen removes active oxygen).

Four miracle water in the world

  • France Lourdes Spring Water–Discovered in 1858, 6 million patients with incurable diseases visited, About 600PPb active hydrogen found.
  • Water in the village of Tlacote El Bajo is a village in Querétaro, Mexico– Discovered in 1991, About 200PPb active hydrogen found, It is famous for its allegedly miraculous water springs, which were visited by many celebrities, including NBA player Magic Johnson, 8 million have visited.
  • Water in Nordenau, Germany– Discovered in 1991,Several million visitors everyday, About 100PPb active hydrogen found, Germany's Nordenau spring water is the first case of commercialization of natural Hydrogen water. A small bottle of 500ml costs a whopping 10,000 won or 628.78 Indian Rupee . As a result, it's popular among rich people who dream of eternal youth.
  • Nadana's Well in India – Discovered in 1992, 500,000 visitors annually, About 100PPb active hydrogen. Nadana is a village near Taraori in Haryana, India. It is famous for its basmati rice. It once became famous for self-powered tube wells, i.e. water started flowing from tube wells without power. Local people perceived it as a sign of some supernatural power.
    State: Haryana
    District: Karnal
Hydrogen Water

Studies on hydrogen water

It is around 2005 that research on hydrogen began around the world. Since then, the world's first research paper has been published in one of the world's most prominent journals, "NATURE MEDICINE” on May 8, 2007 by Professor Shita Ota of the University of Tokyo.

Hydrogen water research has been conducted worldwide since 2007, and a total of 1,200 research papers in English as of December 2016 are being published.

The details shows that hydrogen-related research papers have been published in the global medical field and have increased rapidly over the years.

At present, more than 40 research institutes in Japan are conducting hydrogen researches. In researches including animal experiments, hydrogen intake methods are various such as inhalation of hydrogen gas, drinking of hydrogen water, and injection of hydrogen peroxide.

Researchers initially thought that hydrogen had the effect of inhibiting in vivo oxidation, but found that there were anti- inflammatory, anti allergic and energy metabolism-promoting effects through various clinical trials.

Feb. 11, 2013, on Japan's TBS TV Life Special program “3.8 billion years of life, What is a gene mystery human being?” broadcasted that hydrogen was closely related to the gene switch On-Off.

Hydrogen! Clinical trials are an important challenge at present.

It may not be beneficial to human though it is found to be beneficial to animal. But hydrogen experiments on human are found to be as effective as on animals. (Five studies are attached hereinafter)

At present, large companies in Japan are participating and are moving toward permitting hydrogen as a medicine. The big goal to do so is to allow hydrogen as medicine, so that health insurance can be applied as well. Most safe and convenient method of taking hydrogen is to inhale hydrogen gas in emergency situation and to drink hydrogen water for chronic diseases to promote the hydrogen generation within human body. It is also important to continue to support clinical researches using hydrogen so that there is no ethical problem in conducting research for many people.

It is our scientists as well as the related medical scientists to identify the mechanism for how hydrogen works in the human body.

It is common sense to know that existing drugs are effective for certain symptoms of a specific disease, but it is surprising that hydrogen is effective for various diseases. However, in order for hydrogen to be developed further, we should know exactly how it works and how to consume safely. If we manufacture hydrogen products without the scientific basis as a business ploy, it will not help the process. We need to look forward into the future to support further studies and developments.

Such studies will make us recognize and understand the importance of life.